Downcast Base HQ is a purpose built studio with a comfortable control room and large live room, A perfect space for taking the time to be creative and really explore the vision that you have for your music.

No matter your budget or timescale, we will always be happy to prior discuss your needs and evaluate if we are the right studio for you. With three engineers on-site and plenty of releases under our belt, we always look forward to working with musicians from near or far who have the inspiration to take their music to the next level.


Mixing Console and Systems

Monitors and Headphones


Drum Kits

Yamaha 02R96 VCM V2 Adam A8X Audix DP5a Drum mics Yamaha Ambassador Drums 6 piece
Motu 2408 Dynaudio BM15a Neumann M147 Yamaha Stage custom Fusion 6 piece
MacBook Pro 2014 15” Retina display BeyerDynamic DT150 Headphones Neumann TLM10 Mapex Saturn Ltd edition 5 piece
Mac Pro Octocore 3.2ghz 10gb Art 406 Headphone Amp Rode NT5 Stereo pair
Samsung 42” 3D display Behringer Powerplay 8 headphone amp AKG D112
Cubase 7.5 Shure SM57
SE Titan
Cad M179 Overheads pair

Guitar Amps, Cabs & Effects

Bass Amps and Cabs

Outboard Pre-amps and Compressors


Marshall JCM 2000 TC Electronic BH550 Avalon VT747SP Access Virus B
Engl Powerball TC Electronic K410 TLA Ivory 5001 Nord Rack 2
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Ashdown EVO2 500 TLA C-1 Tube Compressor NI Maschine Studio
Randall RH150 HiWatt 2×15 300watt  NI S88 Keyboard
Mesa Boogie 4×12 Cab  Korg Mini
Peavey Valveking 4×12 Cab  Roland 909 Groove Station
 Marshall 1060 4×12 Cab
 Kemper Profiler
 Boss GT Pro