Have Questions? Of Course You Do.
Here’s A Quick Q & A.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and only Cash.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds will be given on all drum & guitar accessories, only if the item is un-opened or un-used. Refunds on rehearsals, recordings or pa & Backline hire, will be considered, but only if there has been a major failure in service from Downcast Base HQ & only if we fail to rectify any issues & have been given the chance to do so.

Do you have on-site parking?

We are based on Armstrong Industrial Park with 4 allocated car parking spaces for Downcast Base HQ, but our busiest time is evenings and there is plenty of parking as all neighbouring business’s are closed.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hrs notice to cancel any rehearsal or recording session or a charge of 50% of the session is applied to your next booking. If cancelled within 24 hrs of your booking, full payment is needed before your next booking will be made. We are fully aware that it is hard for band members to meet up at the same time & place, due to work & family commitments, but we politely ask to try and think ahead & to please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel, as we really do need to have all rooms full every night to stay open.

What do I need to know before I record?

There are five very basic things to know before coming to a recording session, if you follow these your recording will sound better for it and the session should always run smoother, if you’re prepared.

1. Make sure you are all well rehearsed & all band members know the tracks you’re wanting to record, off by heart! A lot of time can be consumed changing structures, which sometimes can be necessary, but can also be more costly, which is no good if working to a budget.

2. Can you all play to a metronome? Most recordings will benefit from being recorded to a click track, but it’s not the end of the world if not. But again be prepared as a lot of bands waste time thinking they can, costing them valuable time.

3. Drummers – if you want to use your own kit, make sure you replace all drum heads, there’s is nothing worse than recording drums that are beaten and dull, also make sure you’re using quality cymbals with no cracks in them, you want them to really cut through in the recording. Getting the drums right in any recording is half the battle.

4. Guitarists – make sure to use a fresh set of strings on each guitar that you plan to record with, this applies to bassists as well. Check all of your instrument cables work also for any buzz or crackling when playing through your amp.

5. This really applies to all band members, you get back what you put in, so basically to get the most out of your recording, be prepared and don’t turn up still hung over from the night before, make sure your hydrated and ready to get the most out of your time, It’s not very Rock n Roll! But you’ll thank yourself when you get the finished tracks.

Will I be able to buy more beers?

Unfortunately we do not sell beer on site, but we do have a wide range of soft and energy drinks, choc bars, crisps and sweets to give you a sugary buzz, as well as tea and coffee to warm you up on an evening.